BADASS Workbenches

BADASS Workbenches & Welding Tables

are Handmade in the USA out of heavy gauge steel for superior strength and durability, you can weld, cut, grind, pound, teardown, setup or do whatever badass things you do for the rest of your life. Our workbenches feature patented swivel drawers so your tools are easily within reach of whatever grease-stained fingertips you have left. We’ve even removed all the wearable parts so your drawers will never break down, bind, or fail. Our lifetime warranty proves it. We can customize any of our products to your specifications. From the amount of drawers and the direction of the swivel, to specific dimensions and color, your bench will fit you and your work flow like a glove.

Get your hands on the heaviest built, longest lasting workbench available on the market today! To order call John Desimone at (425) 241-3549.

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